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iridescent ocean caverns


iridescent ocean caverns


real rusty
havent drawn in forever so im sorry for the real terribad art
working on these now



real rusty

havent drawn in forever so im sorry for the real terribad art

working on these now

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sometimes i feel like people with a whole lot of followers see a good post by someone without a whole lot of followers and go 

i’m gonna make you famous

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ive actually caught up 100% with my to do list


what do i do with myself now

i bought jarred spaghetti sauce for the first time in my life yesterday but that shit is straight up nasty

my mom gave me the recipe for her homemade spaghetti sauce but i caNT AFFORD THE INGREDIENTS RN


(literally freakin out, sorry for not being so active nowadays, and tHANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STICKING AROUND! I’m currently trying to find a job and trying to figure out my drivers licenses (butoncethatsoverimaswiggityswoogitybackherewithagiveawayandsomelivestreams),bUT AGAIN THANK YOU AND SUMMER TIME IS ALMOST OVER AND I HOPE YOU GUYS HAD FUN AND I KNOW YOU GUYS HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL BUT I KNOW YOU GOT THIS YOU CAN DO IT!)

CC: So far just FLOUND-ERING around since my Mod )(as been doing )(uman duties 38/

CC: I )(ope you guppies )(ad a muc)( B-ETTA AND GR—-EAT-ER SUMM-ER t)(an I )(ave, and good luck on your return to sc)(ool! 38D


all i can really think about right now is

jinora got her tattoos

jinora got her tattoos






Creepy Cronus: The Unpacking


Warning in advance: we are going to be discussing abuse dynamics that could bring up nasty feelings in survivors. Please take care if these things are a problem for you.

During his previous conversation with Meenah he turns on the charm. He plays for sympathy. He is persuasive and pathetic, a comically sex-obsessed loser. With Mituna, though, someone he is confident cannot stand up to him or tell on him, we see his darker side. He drops the ass-kissing act fairly quickly, and the hidden aggression is revealed. Mituna, who suffers from communication impairments and is very easily confused due to his brain injury, makes a perfect target.

First, Cronus goes back and forth between faint compliments and outright insults with Mituna, turning on a dime. This gets worse over the course of the game, and we find out very quickly that he does not, in fact, respect or even like Mituna. At all.

It starts off innocently enough:

CRONUS: Hey, chief. Looking good today. is that a new helmet?
MITUNA: No you [indecipherable keymashing]
#[indecipherable keymashing]
CRONUS: Easy there, it was a joke. Of course it’s not a new helmet. What, you think I’m retar… um, short on common sense?


CRONUS: Did you see Meenah go by?
CRONUS: She went that way, didn’t she?
CRONUS: are you sure?
CRONUS: Listen mate, I don’t mean to call you a liar, but I saw her walk up to you.
CRONUS: I was spying on both of you from behind the hive over there. I saw you do a seriously groovy face plant off the railing.

Cronus confirmed for actual stalker. 

MITUNA: No no no no no no no no no no no no no no

Y’know what, I am picking up a subtle hint that Mituna doesn’t want to talk to Cronus.

Time for Cronus to turn on his dubious charm!

CRONUS: Hahaha. You’re really priceless, Captor. Have I ever told you what a cool cat I think you are?

Except this compliment is actually a pretext to begin touching Mituna, who immediately responds negatively to it:

MITUNA: Why are you touching me?

Okay, right off the bat, we have a problem. 

CRONUS: I really feel like you’re one of the only people I can open up to about my feelings. I guess it really does help to confide in someone who basically lacks the ability to repeat what you say with any clarity or coherence, or even understand what you said in the first place.

Cronus ignores Mituna’s reaction and goes on with his monologue, buttering Mituna up and then insulting him horribly. The name of this form of abuse is grooming.

"Grooming is a tactic of overcoming the survivor’s defenses by slowly desensitizing his or her natural reaction to abusive behaviors. […] Grooming works by mixing positive behaviors with elements of abuse. At the beginning, all behaviors are positive. Slowly, abusive elements are added in amounts that surprise the survivor to an extent, but do not push alarm to a high level." [x]

The mix of saying nice things while doing alarming and scary things at the same time is very effective at confusing Mituna in particular, with his brain problems.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the exact nature of the touching is deliberately left unstated for quite a while, to allow the reader to build their own idea about what’s happening, based on what we know about Cronus as a person—that he’s skeezy, that he’s a sexual opportunist, that he’s alone with someone who can’t fend him off, and that he is touching them in some way that makes that person uncomfortable, and that he’s clearly enjoying himself at that person’s expense. This is not an accident. This is effective writing.

We are meant to see this as Cronus committing sexual abuse against a disabled person, and the abuse has every appearance of being routine. It’s not comical, it’s ugly and foul and shocking. For some of us, it’s stirring up some very unpleasant memories. The reveal that it is “only” a shoulder massage, I believe, was Hussie being merciful and not allowing actual sexual assault to happen on-screen in his comic, while still giving us plenty of incredibly upsetting cues to convey that Cronus is a predator. Personally, I’m really glad Hussie didn’t go there, even if some people jumped on the “sensuous shoulder rubdown” as inspiration to try and beat the “creepy Cronus” rap on a technicality. He put his hands on someone’s body against their will and groped around around for several minutes for his own amusement, sure, but he didn’t touch that body part, therefore it’s okay. Right?

How about… NOPE.

Anyway, this is the point of the dialogue where the touching should have stopped, completely, without questions or excuses or argument. This is the part where an even vaguely non-skeevy person would give Mituna an apology—but Cronus does not. The situation immediately worsens when Cronus not only continues touching him, but actually ignores Mituna’s distressed objections as if he does not hear him making any noises at all. This is where the emotional abuse starts. The message is clear: 'I can put my hands on you and you can't stop me; I can ignore you saying to stop if I want to; I can verbally abuse you, call you stupid, and humiliate you verbally while I am rubbing your body, and you can’t stop me.”

I have seen this behavior defended with the claim that Cronus doesn’t understand Mituna’s protests. Bullshit. If I don’t understand someone’s words, but they are making urgent sounds at me, I say a magic word that fixes everything: “What?” I do not continue talking as if I do not hear them making any sounds at all. Because I am not a fucking predator.

Cronus understands him. He’s rubbing Mituna’s face in the fact that he simply doesn’t care to stop at this time.

MITUNA: You’re still touching me and I don’t understand why this is happening.

Mituna continues to communicate his distress. Cronus continues to completely ignore him, having lots of fun drawing out his long-ass monologue, taking his time, feeling perfectly at ease. He is gloating.

CRONUS: But truth be told, I always felt that way about you before you even started having, well, your issues. We always had a good thing together, didn’t we?

This is the line that weak-tier Cronus apologists like to trot out as an excuse for his abuse of Mituna—that this line means they used to be friends. Sure, Cronus is a liar and a manipulator, but… he said a thing, so it must be true, right? And being sad that they aren’t friends anymore makes all of Cronus’s behavior okay somehow. Because of reasons.

MITUNA: I don’t want your hand there!

A clear statement of non-consent. Ignored. Cronus does not respect bodily autonomy. He wants to have his fun, and he is on a roll, now. 

CRONUS: Don’t get me wrong, i know you and Latula are in a very committed matespritship, though let’s face facts, she could obviously do better. And I mean much better.

Here the emotional abuse, which began with Cronus gloating over how great it is that Mituna is unable to tell on him, starts to flare up. What he’s doing here is bringing up  Mituna’s healthy red relationship with Latula so he can go to work breaking down Mituna’s confidence and self-respect through it. He says these things so lightly, like they are jokes, but this form of teasing is very much a deliberate act of emotional abuse, intended to wear down the target through the weak spot of their insecurity and self-esteem issues. And he’s relentless at it once he gets going.

If Cronus cared about Mituna and Latula’s relationship, he would not be fondling Mituna and taunting him about how Latula is too good for him. That is not a thing any healthy person does. Ever. This monologue is meant to hurt Mituna.

Really she is just in a totally different league, she is charming and gorgeous, whereas you are, well… you, unfortunately.

'You are not good enough for the people who love you and support you.' Said while touching Mituna intimately. While Mituna tries to get him to stop. What a great guy! Abusers like to plant doubts in their victims' heads about whether their bonds with other people are real or deserved. Cronus isn't just ruffling feathers, he's trying to de-stabilize Mituna's sense of self and make him feel alone. Victims are more compliant if they don't think they're worth saving.

Belittling, Condescending and Patronizing - This kind of speech is a passive-aggressive approach to giving someone a verbal put-down while maintaining a facade of reasonableness or friendliness. [x]

"Obsessed with humiliating successful, kind & cheerful people. Delighted by the idea of breaking up friendships and marriages. If you work hard to maintain interpersonal peace in your life, they will make it their mission to uproot all of it." [x]

and I wouldn’t dare to intrude on your longstanding moirallegiance with Kurloz, and not because he scares the shit out of me either. That just really seems to work, you and him, doesn’t it?

This part is hard to really analyze, because we don’t know enough about Kurloz and Mituna’s relationship. I think he might be telling the truth when he says Kurloz scares him. Which would the second thing he’s said so far to Mituna that wasn’t a lie or a fake compliment, the first being to admit he’d been spying on Meenah.

I don’t get a peep out of him of course, not even if I’m super nice and compliment his hideous hair,

Typical Narcissist abuse pattern continues, insulting the target’s loved ones.

and obviously I receive nothing but disgusting horseshit out of your mouth every time you open it.

Cronus is giving his alibi here, reducing and devaluing Mituna’s communication as “nothing but disgusting horseshit” even though Mituna has been making perfectly reasonable objections (‘stop touching me’, etc) with increasing distress for some time now. This is Cronus giving himself an excuse for not listening, see?

All these insidious headgames are, as I’ve said, deliberate emotional abuse. But Cronus engages in it so playfully and in such a boring way that if you’re not paying attention, it’s like nothing bad is happening at all. A reader might feel vaguely grossed out, and not know why. This is why! 

So why is he being so cruel? I’m guessing it’s a combination of factors: Mituna is impaired, Mituna is available and Mituna has something Cronus can’t seem to get for himself: relationships and respect. So when he abuses Mituna, he projects his own shittiness and worthlessness onto Mituna, and rips into him without mercy. Maybe we’re seeing self-loathing turned into abuse of another person. Maybe that’s what makes it so intense and vicious.

But you seem to bring good qualities out of each other, no? Is it true, the rumor that you are actually lucid when you talk to him, instead of behaving like a babbling, vertigo stricken imbecile?

I’m tempted to read this as a glimpse into the real emotions Cronus feels, a grudge he nurses nonstop for anyone who has found happiness, while he himself is full of frustration and a sense of his own greatness going unrecognized. 

Also there’s some fridge horror in his comment about Kurloz and “lucid” Mituna, knowing what we now know about Lord English and mind control. I always felt like this part is less nasty than the rest because it’s being used to establish foreshadowing of some kind.

MITUNA: Why won’t the weird touching stop?


Mituna continues to protest, and is ignored. 

CRONUS: But what I’m trying to say is,

How can anyone ever defend this? How?

you don’t judge like the others. Well, ok, you do, but I can’t really take your vitriol that seriously because you are so obviously retar…

Someone once told me censoring himself at this point is proof that Cronus respects Mituna. I wanted to cry.

reticent with your true emotions. Like for instance, who could I confide in when I began to fully come to terms with this feeling deep inside that I was actually a human “born” in the body of a troll, but never realized it until learning about the humans? Nobody. Except you, of course.

Cronus has done this to Mituna before. I wonder what else was said and done while they were alone?

You don’t care that I am humankin. You don’t mock me for it and trivialize my tragic existence.

The sheer balls of him saying this to the guy who blew his own brains out to save Cronus’s life, and everyone else’s lives. Saying this, while he takes advantage of the handicap Mituna was left with as a result, using it as an opportunity to vent his issues to an audience that can’t talk back or criticize or disagree with him like an equal—because god forbid Cronus have to talk to grown-ups who might have their own opinions!

And it’s still not enough. Not even delivering this much of a narcissistic headfuck is enough, Cronus also has to bathe Mituna in his own self-pity for a made-up “transspecies” condition that even he doesn’t think is real!

Well, you do, but the point I’m trying to make is that when you mock me it doesn’t actually mean anything, because everything you say is putrid nonsense.

Cronus continues to hack away at Mituna’s self-worth. Like I said, he’s a narcissist. Even when he’s bullying someone else, he’s making it all about himself, his feelings, his problems. Mituna is an object to fondle while he strokes his own ego, and Cronus has satisfied himself nicely on that front.


I don’t know how people can get to this part of the scene and read that tag and still, somehow, SOMEHOW see it as proof that all is well. They didn’t connect to Mituna’s terrible little :( emote on any kind of emotional or empathic level, but when Cronus tops off a heap of abusive horseshit with #friendship? ”AW SQUEE, HE STILL CARES ABOUT MITUNA!”


MITUNA: I want that your hand to not be on my body, please.

I wonder why Cronus listened this time. Is it because he said please? How disgusting is that? Or maybe Cronus is just finished getting his sociopathic rocks off stroking his unwilling, unhappy object. Either way, he finally decides to stop ignoring him, and now we go to his next phase of abuse: gaslighting.

CRONUS: What? No,

How do people think this is okay. He is literally protesting Mituna’s “no” with a no of his own, and he has the nerve to sound indignant about it. Like, how dare you, Mituna? how dare you tell Cronus to stop from molesting your body?

come on guy. I’m just giving you a friendly little shoulder massage, with one hand, like this. See? In a way that seems very casual, like “bros” do.

And here. Look again at his fraudulent “outraged” protestation, which we already know is a lie meant to manipulate the easily-confused Mituna and make him feel like he’s the one who did something wrong. What possible reason would a person have to say “like this. See?” and begin to demonstrate touching someone’s shoulder if he was already doing so in the first place? 

That line has always, always bugged me. It never sounded natural in context. I originally chalked it up to Hussie shoehorning a wink into Cronus’ dialogue, dropping in some info to relieve the audience about the fondling situation, since we cannot see the characters’ hands, and let us know the touching wasn’t as bad as we’d been led by indirection to assume it was. I now believe I was totally mistaken about this. In fact, the situation may very well have actually been significantly worse.

The only reason we know where the liar is touching his victim, is because we have a manipulative liar’s word for it. Let that sink in a bit.

And even now that he’s admitting to hearing Mituna and understanding his request, EVEN FUCKING NOW, he continues to touch his body. Even if the reader was dumb enough to actually believe Cronus didn’t know what Mituna was trying to say before, this? Is indefensible.

Please don’t make this more awkward than it needs to be.


Anyone attempting to fixate on the “shoulder” like it’s some technicality that lets Cronus off the hook for being a ginormous abusive predator is willfully ignoring everything else that Cronus is doing. And this is only part 1 of this unpacking—the tame part, at that!

And here’s the thing: it does not actually matter which part of his victim’s body Cronus has been rubbing and squeezing all this time with his sweaty hands while he croons his little insults and absolutely ignores Mituna begging for him to stop. Shoulder? Chest? Genitals? Where he touched him does not matter. He violated Mituna’s consent, and it’s not okay.

Let me say that again with the special angry punctuation, for emphasis, because consent is a fucking important that needs to be respected, always: It. Does. Not. Matter. Where. Cronus. Put. His. Hands.

Here is a story about a man being hunted down by police for forcing a foot massage on a woman. Is she less of a victim of unwanted touching because they got off on molesting her feet instead of her tits?

And while we’re on the topic of unwanted shoulder massages, a classic creep move, here’s a great article explaining the difference between a person with poor social skills and a predator. 

"Someone who is socially awkward will occasionally trip over somebody else’s boundaries by accident because they may not necessarily understand where the line is in the first place. A creeper, on the other hand, knows exactly where those boundaries are… he just doesn’t care."


“Aw, he means well. He just doesn’t know any better,” or “Hey, he’s a nice guy! He does so much for us! He’s just a little awkward, you know?” There’s tremendous social pressure to look the other way, to “give him a second chance”.

"Let’s run down just what makes someone creepy again:

  • Behaving in a manner that makes someone feel uncomfortable, unsafe or threatened.
  • Behaving in a manner that pushes against an individual’s boundaries – especially repeatedly.

That second one is incredibly important and forms a critical distinction: creepers and predators will frequently push against people’s boundaries in order to see what they can get away with. When they get caught, they’ll often claim to be “socially awkward” as a way of deflecting responsibility for their actions and – more importantly – putting pressure on their target to let them violate their boundaries with impunity. Many creepers will turn their actions around on their victim and make it seem as if they’re the one being unreasonable. “Hey, I was just paying you a compliment!” “I just wanted to talk to you!” “It was just a joke, geez, get a sense of humor.” 


[image from preceding article link, lovingly personalized by our very own mercurialmalcontent.]

This is why Cronus defenders—who aren’t actually defending the character, but their own relationship with him—get so much backlash over “just a shoulder massage.”

Because it wasn’t just the fucking shoulder massage. It was the protracted and sadistic violation of another person’s bodily autonomy, against loudly expressed protestation. it was the verbal abuse. It was the violation of consent. It was the pleasure he got out of making Mituna into an object.

It was the sadism. And speaking of sadism:

MITUNA: I’m sorry.

CRONUS: I forgive you.

Not satisfied with just being a humungous dick, Cronus twists what happened into a friendly compliment, an attempt at cameraderie. He puts on a facade of being super hurt and insulted that Mituna could possibly have misinterpreted his unwanted shoulder rubdown as being abusive. (Oh heavens! Just imagine!) Completely inappropriately, he blames Mituna for not accepting this intimate touching, because it was intended to be a compliment.

Do you see why this is fucked up yet? Let me explain: in the real world, when people come forward about sexual abuse, a frequent criticism they run into is insinuations that they are mistaken. They took something perfectly innocent, a hug that went on too long, some harmless ‘goosing’, and exaggerated it. The predator is more than happy to encourage these thoughts in the victim, believe me.

In this scene, we know how the ‘weird touching’ was intended. We know it wasn’t meant in a friendly way. We know, because Cronus spent most of the damn scene gloating over Mituna being too “retarded” to fight back.

And we also know that Mituna, as easily confused as he is, believes this gaslighting bullshit completely. He believes Cronus when Cronus tells him that feeling unhappy about being abused is all in his head. He falls for the gaslighting, feels bad, and then he fucking apologizes.

The victim is sorry.

Sorry for saying no.

Sorry for not liking it more.

And of course Cronus forgives Mituna, because he’s just a great person, really he is.

The worst thing about Cronus Ampora is there keeps being a new worst thing about Cronus Ampora.

[To Be Continued]

[8/18/14: i edited this post to add a challenge toward the unreliability of Cronus’s word w/r/t where and how he was touching Mituna.]


they’re having a good time


they’re having a good time


falalalala la la lalonde


falalalala la la lalonde

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bodacious babes

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Gravity Falls and Steven Universe are the best animated tv shows of this era.

"What about Avatar?"

No. Avatar is a religious experience that betters me as a person, you hush your mouth.


can i ship nepeta with everyone??